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• To the last man !



To The Last Man! - The Great War in the West is a full-featured game of grand strategic land battles focused on the western front in World War 1 playable in three hours or less.

In an historical yet uncomplicated fashion, TTLM! simulates the most important front of World War 1 in an exciting card-driven wargame.

Designed, developed and meticulously researched over the past 20 years, TTLM! elegantly subsumes historical capabilities into card play, army sizes, production limits, and so on. For example, each nation's army configuration is unique, effortlessly highlighting doctrinal and technological differences.



TTLM! also allows players to explore the many "What ifs?" of the Great War. What if France invaded Belgium? What if the UK remained neutral? What if the Kaiser shifted forces for an invasion of Russia? You name it, it's here - and all based on extensive historical analysis.




The NUTS! edition of To The Last Man! updates the previous online version. This game's premium professional release features new graphics, new rules, new cards, and even a revised map!


Players' hands represent their aggregate economies in this Total-War simulation. Players use their cards to unleash offensives, take combat losses, and so on. Both sides strive to conduct mapboard operations as well as to bankrupt his opponent's hand, all while trying to avoid the same fate. This produces psychological tension with each card played. Exciting card play keeps the game fun despite there being a static front. The mapboard becomes the focus of play only when a player's hand dwindles to a critical level. A player's ability to bluff is just as important as the strength of his armies!




Not knowing your opponent's true capabilities makes each card played a real nail-biter. A superior force can be made to retreat from inferior numbers due to a lack of reserves (cards), while a lone corps can hold out against many armies as long as a steady stream of replacements can hold the line. Requiring players to husband their economic potential (i.e., hang onto their cards) means you can't always move your units when you want to. Offensives often take on a life of their own.




Download English basic rules  [ PDF - 03.27 Mo ]
Download French basic rulesPDF - 03.27 Mo ]
Download Greek rulesPDF - 11.00 Mo ]
Download English advanced rules[ PDF - 03.82 Mo ]
Download French advanced rules[ PDF - 03.82 Mo ]
Download English errata, addition & clarificationPDF - 02.58 Mo ]
Download French errata, addition & clarificationPDF - 02.58 Mo ]
Download English Q & A [ update - 01/06/16 ]PDF - 00.41 Mo ]
Download The Aftermath[ PDF - 02.81 Mo ]

• To the last man !

  • Game design: Tim Taylor
  • Graphics : Christophe Sancy
    Designer : Tim Taylor

    • Boxed game
    • 1 A1 single-sided maps
    • 4 counters sheet
    • 2 rules booklet of 16 pages in english
    • 5 player aids in english
    • 1 set of 55 playing cards
    • 4 dice