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Nuts! Publishing

Nuts! Publishing
118 Avenue de Fouesnant
29 950 BENODET
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Our publishing line for game authors

Nuts! Publishing is a French game publishing company founded in 2011 by 4 enthusiasts of history and simulation games. After the publication of several historical games that have been well received by critics (Phantom Fury, Urban Operations, ...), we have decided to extend our catalog to other types of board games. Our publishing line therefore includes history but also fictitious conflict (science fiction, heroic fantasy, etc.) or even exploration. We don’t publish more than one family game per year and our selection criteria are strict.

Before contacting us

• Test your game at board game events (game nights, clubs and / or conventions).

• Find out about existing games (similar theme, mechanic, etc.).

• Consult the list of games that we have already published and our different ranges

Game Proposal / Appointment

You can send us an email to the following address:

Please put as the subject [Prototype proposal] followed by the name of your game.

To receive an answer, your email must contain:

• A paragraph presenting the game (type of game, what makes it original, number of players, etc.).

• The rules of the game (photographs of the components, setup, examples, etc.).

• Please read and proofread your rules carefully before sending them to us.

Do not hesitate to send us other items as well (videos, etc.).

Our responses

We receive a lot of proposals. Our responses can take a long time to arrive but we try to answer all emails by explaining our choice (both for games we accept and for games we reject). Our release schedule is currently almost complete and therefore we will only be selecting a very limited number of games.