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PRE-ORDERMoogh - Winter companions

If three copies of the Basic pledge or the All-in pledge are purchased = free shipping for delivery to one and the same address
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Pledge Basic: Base game & Promo pack + PNP of the game 9 cards = 26 euros
Shipping costs for the Basic pledge: €7 for France | 8€ for the European Union | 10€ for the rest of the world

Pledge All-in:Base game & Promo pack + PNP of the 9-card game + Winter Companions expansion + Dice track = 45 euros
Shipping costs for the All-in pledge: €11 for France | 12€ for the European Union | 14€ for the rest of the world



Expand the MOOGH experience with Moogh Winter companions. Continue into the cold harsh hills in the search for prey. Welcome man's best friend to the tribe and play with new characters. Take on new and tough beasts in this first Moogh expansion. 


This box includes 15 mini cards (6 Idea cards, 3 Item cards, 6 Turn order cards), 7 big cards (2 tribe cards, 1 Wolf companion card, 2 Beast cards, 2 Beast action cards), punchboards (standees, savage points, snow tokens, rage tokens, mini map boards), 1 rulebook and also 1 campaign book with new scenarios.


The mini boards will extend the playing area and the snow tokens will add snow on the map boards of the base game in order to match the theme.








Moogh - Winter companions

  • Game design: Niklas HØØK
  • Illustrator: Niklas HØØK

    Graphics: Niklas HØØK

    Playing time30 minutes
    Age12 ans et +

  • 15.00€
  • 13.00€

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