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Stalingrad Roads - Playmat - ENGLISH VERSION


Playmat Stalingrad Roads / Battle on the edge of the abyss

" November 19th, 1942. As fighting for the ruins of Stalingrad drags on, the Soviets unleash the Uranus offensive that will mark the turning point of the war. Striking the weak Rumanian troops who are allied with the Germans, the Russian armored corps manages to encircle the 6th Army of Paulus. Hitler then dispatches von Manstein, his best general, to restore the situation and clear the 'Cauldron'. But the offensive fails for lack of resources and lack of coordination with the encircled units. On the contrary, it is the Soviets who launch a new offensive, pulverizing the front held by the Italians. Two long months of agony ensues for the soldiers of the 6th Army, during which Russian troops penetrate into Ukraine, liberating Rostov and Kharkov. At the beginning of February 1943, Paulus – newly-appointed a Marshal – finally capitulates, but his resistance holds in place a large number of Soviet forces and allows Manstein to avoid the collapse of the front. And it is he who will victoriously conclude this winter campaign in a masterful counter-attack, the famous 'backhand blow' leading to the recovery of Kharkov. Only the arrival of the mud, which immobilizes all the fighters, enables Stalin to keep his initial gains. "


We offer a neoprene playmat with a size of 84cm long by 60cm wide and a thickness of 1.5mm. It will allow you to play Stalingrad Roads with incomparable playing comfort.



The carpet will be rolled in a cardboard box for transport and will unfold without creases during each of your parties. Indeed, the surface is made of a material that does not fluff and immediately takes place in a flat position, under the action of its own weight. The rubber backing prevents the carpet from slipping, while its glossy printable fabric surface provides a soft touch and a very detailed print quality with the most accurate color rendering.



The printed fabric can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge!



The neoprene mat also has the advantage of lasting over time thanks to its very high resistance.




There will be a slight difference between the playmat and the game map. The colors and shades will be respected as much as possible.

Stalingrad Roads - Playmat - ENGLISH VERSION

  • Designer: Nicolas Rident
  • Developers : Nicolas Rident and Raynald Foret
    Historical and geographical research : Joël Maynard
    Graphics : Olivier Revenu

    • Playmat

  • 45.00€
  • Availability: Coming