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PRE-ORDER                  Mini Rogue - The Council : standalone expansion for Mini Rogue

The Council is a standalone expansion for Mini Rogue.

What does this mean? Quite simply, you can play it with or without the base game.

If you don't own the base game: you can play The Council solo or in pair (competitively, with the Overlord module).

If you own the base game: you can play The Council solo(with a much greater variety of cards), cooperatively(with two or three players), or competitively(with two, three or four players, thanks to the Overlord module).


In The Council, play as an adventurer who arrives in a doomed city, lost in the hands of a power-crazed regent, and his council who orchestrates dark manipulations in the shadows.

Wander the dark, randomly-generated alleyways, card after card, encounter ever more terrifying encounters, manage your resources and upgrade your skills by gaining levels to meet the greatest challenge of all: defeating the King's Remains!

All Council content is compatible with the Mini Rogue base game.

The game also includes a campaign, which follows on from the base game campaign (but can be played without having played the previous campaign). You can play it solo or, if you also own the base game, you can play it cooperatively in pair.


Mini Rogue - The Council : standalone expansion for Mini Rogue

  • Game design: Paolo Di Stefano et Gabriel Gendron
  • Illustrations : Prashanka Mawalagedara and Gabriel Gendron
    Graphism : Paolo Di Stefano

    • 45 cards
    • 6 dice
    • 14 wooden cubes
    • 3 mats (1 Character mat, 1 Overlord mat and 1 City mat)
    • 1 player aid
    • 4 character tokens
    • 2 wooden meeples
    • 2 rulebooks and 1 campaign booklet

    Players1-2 competitive
    3 coop or 4 competitive if you own the base game
    Duration45 minutes
    This game is available in french or in english
    depending on your choice.

  • 24.00€
  • 21.00€

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