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 Moogh - Campagne Kickstarter


The dark night goes pale. Slowly, thin streaks of light lift up like hair and split the insipid sky. In the ocean, a drop of blue lazily bleeds from the center outwards. “Moogh” exclaims the male tribe leader. All the others around him in the cave opening know what this means. Gathering the stingers they have made from flint and sticks they set off in the now golden pink but cold morning. Scuffling through the dense woods and out into the plains they can see their prey towering in the distance under the sun which has now shown its full face. “Ugh Moogh Oog” they chant. A few moments later, it is all a vortex of hair and muscle and spouting blood as they shout and stab their shafts with flint spearheads into the huge beast.



The game comes with many game modes (competitive, cooperative, campaign with scenarios...).


All the pledge levels include a Kickstarter Exclusive Promo Pack.

How to play

MOOGH is a 1 to 4-player action selection game where tribes try to defeat big beasts.
At the end of the game, the team with most savage points will win.
The game includes multiple game modes (competitive, cooperative, solo, campaign with scenarios, etc.).

·        The card next to the round start card is placed at the end of the row.

·        The first one to have acted on the previous turn will be the last one to act on this turn.

·        Each of you places an action cube on each of your character cards.

·        These cubes to show which combination of actions they will perform.

·        When a beast takes its turn, it will perform specific actions.

·        These actions depend to its rage level and its AI card.

·        The beast actions are mandatory and must be played in order.


·        On a character turn you may perform the selected actions in any order.

·        When attacking you use the number of dice on the attack.

·        You win one additional die for each weakspot.

·        You subtract one die for each shield shown on the beast card.





Moogh - Campagne Kickstarter

  • Game design: Niklas HØØK
  • Illustrator: Niklas HØØK

    Graphics: Niklas HØØK