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CO-OPS was imagined by three graduates of the special military school of Saint-Cyr (General Saint-Hillier class, 2015-2018).

Designed as part of the simulation courses to provide a training tool for future section leaders, the game emphasizes cooperation between players against an enemy played by the game itself.

Each player takes the lead of an infantry platoon, a tank platoon or a helicopter squadron of the French Army and you will all need to cooperate to win the battle against armed terrorist groups, close coordination between the different arms is the key to victory.


Stalingrad Roads is a wargame for 2 players covering the 1942-43 winter campaign on the Soviet South Front. The game begins with the outbreak of the Uranus offensive in late November 1942 and ends with Manstein's counter-attack in March 1943. The game is aligned with the 'Roads' series, which features the titles Liberty Roads and Victory Roads (published by Hexasim). The system will be familiar to players who have enjoyed the first two games, but it has been adapted to take into account all the specifics of the campaign.
SORCELLERIE! game in French

Dans ce jeu solo, mécaniquement proche de Résistance!, vous incarnez des sorcières pendant la période historique de Salem. Vous ferez face à une double menace : vous devrez déchaîner vos pouvoirs pour repousser les puissances occultes qui déciment le village, et vous devrez également vous défendre lors d’un procès, face au peuple ignorant que vous protégez, mais qui a peur.

Bon courage pour en ressortir indemne.
ITALIA 1917-1918

Italia 1917-1918, after many battles, has pulled its head out of the water, and should be on your shelves this summer. This operational wargame simulates the fierce fighting that pitted the troops of the Entente (Italy, France, Great Britain and the USA) against those of the Central Powers (Austria-Hungary and Germany) during the period between the Battle of Caporetto to the Villa Giusti Armistice.>

These two promo cards for Mini Rogue ( sentinel and crypt ) were packaged together and available during Essen 2023.


If you missed the Kickstarter campaign of the second season of Mini Rogue, the late pledge has opened its gates for you!

You can now access all the content unlocked during the campaign, including what you will not find in retail later. You have until december to benefit from these pretty nice prices.