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Playmat : Saigon 75 - ENGLISH VERSION

The crowdfunding of Saigon 75 on the Kickstarter platform has ended. 
Here you can pre-order theneoprene map, on its own, at a preferential price.
If you also want to order the game Saigon 75 (Da Nang copy )with ALL unlocked Stretch Goals, please choose theSAIGON 75 : DA NANG bundle at the bottom of the page. 

Saigon 75 is a simple and swift strategic game, simulating the fratricidal struggle between North and South Vietnam from Summer 1973 to Spring 1975. Everything is contained within a few pages of rules and 1 hour of fun, with pressure at every moment! The game portrays the differences between North Vietnamese divisions and the Rangers/Marines/Paratroopers and other units of the South Vietnamese. Air power and desertion are also featured, with the experience being completed by event cards that give the game great replayability. An ingenious mix that keeps the players on tenterhooks right up to the last turn! 

The neoprene map

  • The A1 neoprene map is approximatively 594 x 841 mm and 1mm thick.



Download English rules - Draft Dec2020


PDF - 04.20 Mo ]


Download Vassal module [ this is not the definitive version of the game ]

VMOD - 83.00 Mo ]

Playmat : Saigon 75 - ENGLISH VERSION

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BUNDLE : Saigon 75 : Da Nang

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You save : 5.00€

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