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PRE-ORDERMoogh - base game & promo pack

If three copies of the Basic pledge or the All-in pledge are purchased = free shipping for delivery to one and the same address
(offer valid for France and the European Union only).

Pledge Basic: Base game & Promo pack + PNP of the game 9 cards = 26 euros
Shipping costs for the Basic pledge: €7 for France | 8€ for the European Union | 10€ for the rest of the world

Pledge All-in:Base game & Promo pack + PNP of the 9-card game + Winter Companions expansion + Dice track = 45 euros
Shipping costs for the All-in pledge: €11 for France | 12€ for the European Union | 14€ for the rest of the world



MOOGH is a 1 to 4-player competitive programmation game where tribes of cavemen are joining forces to defeat big beasts. They will fight in order to decide who should lead the new combined tribes. By hunting Big Beasts, they will win savage points. At the end of the game, if the cavemen win, the team with most savage points may then claim the leadership of the tribe. If the cavemen don’t meet the winning conditions before the end of the game, all the tribes will lose the game.


In MOOGH, the players will have to anticipate the actions from the other tribes and from the beasts (manage by AIs) in order to win Savage points. Each tribe will have its own actions and skills (most of the actions will be resolved by rolling dice and their success will depend of the cavemen characteristics). The game has different ways to counterbalance the randomness of the dice (rage token to reroll dice, idea cards with special actions that can be activated if you meet specific condition, etc.). There are four tribes in the base game and a lot of interesting content (a solo mode, a skirmish mode, a campaign mode, a lot of different beasts, scenario with different winning conditions, items to win, etc.).









Moogh - base game & promo pack

  • Game design: Niklas HØØK
  • Illustrator: Niklas HØØK

    Graphics: Niklas HØØK

    Playing time30 minutes
    Age12 ans et +

    Shipping costs :
    + 7€ for France
    + 8€ for the European Union
    + 10€ for the rest of the world

  • 36.00€
  • 26.00€

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