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I’m not afraid -  PDF VERSION


A quick 2-player area control Print & Play game with a strong theme.

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I'm not afraid is a two-player game of obtaining majority for your cause. It shows the complex reality of competing movements, one fighting to keep the authoritarian power and the other struggling to change the system. During the game, you will try to take the advantage over your opponent in contested locations of the country, such as the main cities, the main groups and the main unions. You will need specific dice to secure your influence in these locations, and sometimes you will even need to use the powers of other locations in order to place dice on a spot.




Each turn, you will perform an action of your choice, and you may benefit from bonus actions, depending on the locations you gathered a majority in. The game goes on until one of the leaders secures a majority of their supporters in five locations. You may as well complete special tasks, which grant you points as well as an advantage in rolling more dice. At the end of the game, you will score the points indicated on the locations in which you have a majority as well as the points granted by your special tasks. The one with the most points wins the heart of the people (and the game, obviously).



I’m not afraid - PDF VERSION

  • Designer: Natalia Wojtowicz
  • Graphics: Gwennolé Oréal

    By purchasing this game, you are purchasing the maps and rules
    in PDF version of the game in English and French.

    Playing time15-30 minutes
    Age12 ans et +

Print & Play version
  • 5.00€